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Blending tech + design to create work that's both personal + functional. 

Founded in 2005 as a full-service CGI studio, MotR's spirit and purpose have grown into the spaces beyond. We are a diverse, tech-forward production studio that combines traditional and emerging technologies to create engaging digital content. 

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virtual reality (VR)

By presenting your message through a unique perspective, Virtual Reality leaves a lasting impact on your audience. With VR, once the viewer puts on a headset, they become a part of your full-sensory experience (including sight, sound, and in some cases, touch). Free from distraction their focus is fully engaged on the media presented, evoking strong emotional responses and sharp increases in memory retention. 

Virtual Reality Goggles

augmented reality (AR)


Unlike VR, in which users are immersed into a world of your making, with Augmented Reality (AR) it is quite the opposite. Here you are able to enhance your audiences perception of reality by layering digital imagery (2D/3D objects + animations, video) and data over their actual view of the world using the camera on their own smartphone, tablet or in some cases, a specialty headset. Through AR's hybrid view, users can directly interact with these elements, deepening their understanding and perception of your showcased topics / materials all while motivating them to act on your message.


animation + vfx

The foundation of our work is deeply rooted in animation. Whether it's animation for a VR experience, character work (2D or CG), photo-real products / environments or visual effects work for a traditional medium, nothing is better for traditional storytelling than animation. Factor in the benefits gained from our new real-time render pipeline and our animation projects run on a faster timeline and are more budget conscious than ever before.


real time rendering


We are constantly working at the forefront of render technology, in order to produce the highest quality images in the shortest time possible. For the past few years, we have experienced great success working with Epic's Unreal Engine. Unreal has made tremendous strides in real time output, allowing us to iterate more and thereby have a much more refined end product. Unreal is currently in use for plenty of feature film and television projects. It's truly the cutting edge of render technology.

ue development

unreal engine development

MotR has been developing VR, interactive and rendered content for it's clients using the Unreal Engine since 2014. Unreal is a constantly evolving tool that provides truly cutting edge visual and interactive development to be done for any platform. Our projects have taken us deep into the engine, often working closely with Epic developers to push the capabilities of their tools. We've even been tasked with promoting their render engine directly in a piece for their broadcast event in 2021. 

image (42).png

medical + pharmaceutical


Medical animation requires a team that has a deep understanding of human anatomy coupled with refined scientific animation skills. Our team has spent the past 17 years working closely with medical diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies to illustrate their stories through accurate and compelling 3D medical animations. Doing so allows them to better market their products and drugs to professionals and consumers alike and train students, medical professionals and research partners more effectively.

product photogrphy

CG product photography

MotR was at the forefront of fully CG product shots when it opened in 2005. By building the entire photo studio in the computer, we are able to keep quality consistently high while making variations for any number of different product container volumes, label art, languages, etc. We also provide much more concise control for client Creative Directors, without the need for extensive retouching. 

Virtual production

virtual production


Our latest passion is using the Unreal Engine to create massive projection experiences, synched across many servers, rendering generative content in lock step for a truly immersive experience. Similar to methods used to create shows like The Mandelorian, we are leveraging Unreal's nDisplay and Disguies' renderstream to create experiences not just for film production, but also massive immersive theatre experiences like the ones you should see at The Illuminarium.

Atlanta's more than just a great place to live and shoot. With the state's expanding post and digital entertainment tax incentive, we are able to pass along to our clients' substantial savings, all with the same service they have come to expect from MotR.


have a story to tell?

Whether your message is for millions around the world or just a select few in your company we can custom-craft a solution for you.

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