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Founded 16 years ago as a full-service CGI studio, MotR's spirit and purpose have grown into the spaces beyond. We are a diverse, tech-forward production studio that combines traditional and emerging technologies to create engaging digital content. 

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virtual reality (VR)

By presenting your message through a unique perspective, Virtual Reality leaves a lasting impact on your audience. With VR, once the viewer puts on a headset, they become a part of your full-sensory experience (including sight, sound, and in some cases, touch). Free from distraction their focus is fully engaged on the media presented, evoking strong emotional responses and sharp increases in memory retention. 

Virtual Reality Goggles

Use Cases

While virtual reality is being employed in a variety of sectors there are 3 key areas where the technology is thriving: Training + Education: With VR, educators have a new tool to present ideas and create interactive experiences; transporting students to places never before accessible (like inside the human or to distant galaxies). Whereas trainers are able to create experiences to both safely expedite the onboarding of new hires and further the knowledge of existing workers in dangerous or complex work environments (industrial or manufacturing sectors), improve emotional responses to human interaction situations (customer service or civil servant sectors), or improve skills in highly technical or sensitive tasks (tech or healthcare sectors). Travel + Hospitality By leveraging VR and 360-degree video of rooms, locations or experiences, hotels and travel providers can provide immersive real-world experiences to help increase interest in and entice travelers to explore new destinations, or choose accommodations and adventures to book. Entertainment + Marketing: Whether creating a marquee game, promoting a product or telling a story VR allows you to fully immerse your audience in a place or situation of your design, allowing you to create memorable and engaging sensory experiences.


While Virtual Reality offers more effective, cost-sensitive and safer solutions to challenges in a wide variety of industries, recent studies have highlighted a few areas in which VR is particularly useful. Emotional Connections:
A Stanford study found that VR users experience more impactful emotional connections with materials and messages than those whose view the same content via more traditional mediums. VR users were also more pro-social and engaged over time than their traditional user counterparts. Knowledge Retention:
Researchers at the University of Maryland studying the efficacy of various digital training solutions found that VR users exhibited the highest recall accuracy, at least 12% higher than those who used other learning solutions.


augmented reality (AR)


Unlike VR, in which users are immersed into a world of your making, with Augmented Reality (AR) it is quite the opposite. Here you are able to enhance your audiences perception of reality by layering digital imagery (2D/3D objects + animations, video) and data over their actual view of the world using the camera on their own smartphone, tablet or in some cases, a specialty headset. Through AR's hybrid view, users can directly interact with these elements, deepening their understanding and perception of your showcased topics / materials all while motivating them to act on your message.

Use Cases

Augmented reality apps have many practical applications in almost all sectors but there are currently 3 areas in which it is being deployed with the most success currently. Marketing: AR experiences are based on hybrid views of the world. By creating an experience that integrates your product or service into your audience’s world you are able to establish a personal connectivity with them that far surpasses other mediums. AR apps open up the ability for them to see your furniture in their bedrooms, tile on their kitchen walls or car in their garage. Furthermore, If you build your experience around their devices front facing camera and you can make your user the canvas for your experience, allowing them to virtually “try-on” your makeup, glasses or clothes from wherever they are. It is the ultimate form of personalized shopping. Learning and Training With augmented reality educators and instructors can take their learning out of the classroom and into the real world. Auto technicians can walkthrough engine repair sequences with ease when the step by step process is laid over their view of the engine compartment. Students can better visualize the universe by pointing their phone to the night sky to help locate and identify planets and distant stars. Historical site visitors can see ancient cities rise from the dust, rebuilt on the ruins of their ancient foundations. Data Visualization: Our brains are incredible machines, capable of recalling, filtering and sorting an array of knowledge and sensory input to help us complete complex tasks. Despite all of this, our successes are limited by our ease of access to actionable data. What if a surgeon could have real-time visualizations of patient vitals, access to scans, tests and a library of medical guidance readily available within their field of view while working in the OR. Or picture a repair technician on a busy automotive assembly line who is able to call up real-time and historical machine diagnostic data to help troubleshoot a problem and then schematics and manuals to walk them through repairing it. Augmented Reality can help reduce inefficiencies and improves productivity in nearly all settings.


With AR you not only control the design, but more importantly can shape the context in which you want your audience to interact with your media. Whether you want to personalize interactive product demos, or guide users step-by-step through complex procedures or techniques; the medium is flexible and scalable enough to adapt to your needs. Augmented reality is a modern, evolving solution that helps you create powerful, engaging and buzz-worthy interactive marketing experiences and engagement tools.


animation + vfx

The foundation of our most of our work is deeply rooted in animation. Whether is animation for a VR experience, character work (2D or CG), photo-real products / environments or visual effects work for a traditional medium, nothing is better for traditional storytelling than animation. Factor in the benefits gained from our new real-time render pipeline and our animation projects run on a faster timeline and are more budget conscious than ever before.


Real-Time Rendering

Born out of the needs of high-end video game developers real-time rendering is nothing new. It’s high costs and quality constraints have keep most traditional design and animation studios from using this tech though. That was until this past year. With major advances to software and hardware, the barriers are falling, a while the adoption rates are highest amongst VR and AR developers we have taken this one step further. With the launch of our real-time render pipeline in Unreal Engine, we are one of a few small studios nationwide that currently operates this for all of our digital offerings, allowing us to leverage ray-traced quality outputs in seconds rather than hours. So why does this matter to you? Simply put, increased productivity for artists. Look dev and lighting artists currently select sections of their scenes, and wait for final pixels to be output before reviewing and revising. It is a drawn out iterative process that takes considerable time. But what if shots and even sequences could be output in nearly the time it takes to watch the scene. Artists could make vastly more updates in less time, which in turn would equates to time and cost savings for you. The days of waiting for long renders are nearly over.


medical + pharmaceutical


Medical animation requires a team that has a deep understanding of human anatomy coupled with refined scientific animation skills. Our team has spent the past ten years working closely with medical diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies to illustrate their stories through accurate and compelling 3D medical animations. Doing so allows them to better market their products and drugs to professionals and consumers alike and train students, medical professionals and research partners more effectively.


strategy + deployment

The foundation of our most of our work is deeply rooted in animation. Whether is animation for a VR experience, character work (2D or CG), photo-real products / environments or visual effects work for a traditional medium, nothing is better for traditional storytelling than animation. Factor in the benefits gained from our new real-time render pipeline and our animation projects run on a faster timeline and are more budget conscious than ever before.

Wacom Closeup

Atlanta's more than just a great place to live and shoot. With the state's expanding post and digital entertainment tax incentive, we are able to pass along to our clients' substantial savings, all with the same service they have come to expect from MotR.


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