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who we are

MotR is a generator of digital creative media for a diverse variety of platforms, markets + audiences around the globe.

Founded in 2005, Millions of Tiny Robots (MotR) is at its heart, a design and development studio.  While our roots are steeped in traditional CGI production, our spirit and purpose have grown into the spaces beyond.


It is there where we fostered our true identity, that of a diverse, tech-forward studio that combines traditional and emerging technologies to develop innovative digital solutions for our clients, leaders in the retail, health and beauty, sports equipment, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. 


Our work sets us apart: it is the product of logic, imagination and craftsmanship. And while we embrace the experiences of yesterday, we refuse to limit ourselves to what has been done, and instead choose to re-define what can be done. This is the spark that energizes us, will engage your audience and energize your message no matter the platform or scale of your project.



our reels



what we create


  • Broadcast, Digital + Print Ads

  • In-store Retail Displays

  • Online Retail Apps

  • Billboards (Digital + Still)

  • Digital Trade Show Content


  • VR + AR Applications For:

    • Training + Saftey

    • Assembly Lines

    • Live-Assistance

    • Inspections + Repair


  • VR, AR App Development:

    • Educational  Apps

    • Real Estate  

  • Interactive Displays + Graphics:

    • Museum Exhibits

    • Live Events

have a story to tell?

Whether your message is for millions around the world or just a select few in your company we can custom-craft a solution for you.

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find us here:

1040 Boulevard SE

Suite L

Atlanta, GA 30312

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For New Business:

Greg Heffron

C: 917-445-7309

O: 404-458-2719

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